23 Sep 2016

Shedding “Light” on Proper Lighting

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by LCC Writing Team

If you’re like most folks, you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about light bulbs or lighting. Let’s face it, we flick a switch and the light works. The only time we really have any concern is when the lights don’t work, or we have to replace a bulb. But, did you know that lighting plays an important part in coin collecting? It’s true. There are specific lighting recommendations just for coin collecting that differ from other crafts or hobbies. In fact, lighting is so important to our coin buyers and graders, that they take their own lights and bulbs with them when they travel to shows or shops!



Level 5

Great article. The post-comments about portability are so true. For beginners I suggest a lighted 8X loop. Just my experience in the rear view.


Level 6

Great blog and information. Thanks!

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