17 Jul 2019

Thank You International Paper Money Show

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On behalf of American Numismatic Association (ANA – www.money.org), we want to thank Lyn Knight and Doug Davis (www.lynknight.com) for providing a free table for the ANA at your 43rd Annual International Paper Money Show (www.ipmskansascity.com), on June 13 – 16, 2019, at the Sheraton Crown Center Hotel, in Kansas City, MO. This was the third year that this important paper money event has been held in this location. This hotel and convention center complex makes a great venue for a convention of this size. The convention center itself has everything under one roof which includes the bourse, exhibit area, and auction lot viewing. The lobby of the hotel is only a few steps away from the convention center. It is always nice when you don’t have to go outside your hotel and walk to a nearby convention center. We also like that this location has the nearby Crown Center with restaurants and other stores. Maybe next year we will visit the nearby Tenth Federal Reserve Bank Headquarters, along with a World War l Museum and Memorial. 

Like last year, we were able to sign up or renew 16 members for the Association and received a $25, 501 © (3) donation from dealer John Markis – Trusted Traditions, located at Lauderdale by the Sea, FL., for the shipment of the coin show kit. We passed out copies of The Numismatist, flyers for our next two shows, bourse information, patron forms, ANA brochures, and give-a-ways like stock certificates, wooden money, elongates and others.

Public attendance for the three days we attended (we left Saturday night) was steady at our table located in the bourse area. The show does charge a small admission fee. If you attend next year – pending dates – you should visit (www.ipmskansascity.com)and download a very nicely done discount coupon good for $5 off. The coupon this year mimicked an FRN and portrayed Lincoln on it. The show had a nicely done official program. Some of the dealers we talked to had a very good show though some commented that it wasn’t very good for them. The convention had 85 dealers who were at 130 tables. Many of the tables were represented by dealers from other countries. Grading services were represented by NGCs - PMG (which had on-site grading), World Bank Note Grading and Legacy Grading. No numismatic publication was represented. It was nice that the Knight firm had a security room on Wednesday, which closed at noon on Thursday. The Society of Paper Money Collectors - SPMC (www.spmc.org), International Bank Note Society - IBNS (www.theibns.org) and Fractional Currency Collectors Board – FCCB (www.uns0uled.com/fccb.html) also had tables. 

Exhibits were handled by Bob Moon who reported he had 18 Exhibitors, 21 Exhibits and they used 85 Cases. Bob did an excellent job of bringing in some outstanding exhibits covering all areas of paper money (US and foreign). The SPMC also gave out several exhibit awards. The winners of the awards received a very nice certificate along with a cash prize (instead of a plaque). The SPMC presented the Stephen R. Taylor Best-in-Show award to Bob Moon who displayed, First Notes: A Selection of Serial Number 1 National Bank Notes from New York State. The show also featured 12 Educational programs which were held on Friday and Saturday. Peter Huntoon handles the Educational Speaker Series for the show. David Lisot also had a table, and his company CoinTelevision (www.cointelevision.com) videotaped all the educational programs and other events that were held at the show. Mr. Lisot has been videotaping numismatic event since 1986.

A great feature of this and past International Paper Money Shows was the 58th SPMC Awards Breakfast which was held on Friday morning at Harvey’s at Union Station (three blocks from the hotel). SPMC President Shawn Hewitt chaired the meeting. At the conclusion of the excellent breakfast prepared by the restaurant staff, the SPMC gave out service awards. The following named numismatists received them. Book of the year (Wismer): Obsolete Paper Money - A Guide with Prices by Don C. Kelly.Articles (in SPMC Paper Money): The following received first place awards. World: The Banknotes of Zambia and Malawi Reflect the Economic Problems of these Two African Nations by Carlson R. Chambliss. Obsoletes: John Jay Knox and the Central Bank of New Ulm by R. Shawn Hewitt. Nationals: Series of 1882 and 1902 National Bank Replacement Notes printed after mid-1903 by R. Shawn Hewitt and Peter Huntoon. Miscellaneous Federal: 3rd Issue Fractional Error Notes (3¢ to 15¢) – Part 1 by Richard Melamed. Favorite Column: Uncoupled by Joe Boling & Fred Schwan. Large & Small Size Federal: Progression to the Misspelling Error on $1000 Series of 1882 Gold Certificates by Doug Murray, Lee Lofthus and Peter Huntoon. Confederate: Unusual Confederate Printed Backs by Michael McNeil. The following Service Awards were then presented: Huntoon Collaborators: Jamie Yakes, Lee Lofthus and Doug Murray. President's Award (Service to SPMC): Robert Vandevender (revamping exhibits, judging and awards), Robert Moon and Wendell Wolka. Founders Award (Previous Year Achievement): Andrew Pollock. Education, Research and Outreach Award: Dennis Schafluetzel TN (images and data for ODP), Russell Kaye NY and Mark Anderson WI. SPMC Nathan Goldstein Award (Recruiter): Robert Calderman. Nathan Gold Award (Lifetime Achievement): Clifford Mishler. Hall of Fame: F. C. C. Boyd, J. Roy Pennell, Jr., George Wait, Lyn F. Knight and Austin Sheheen. ODP Registry Set Award: Cahawba by Bill Gunther, Minnesota Bank Collection by R. Shawn Hewitt, John Jay Knox Central Bank Set by R. Shawn Hewitt and Midwestern Fractional Currency Mimics by Benny Bolin 

Following the awards-presentations, the Tom Bain raffle started. Wendell Wolka handles this important feature at the breakfast. Lots of fun and humor with Wendell always adding humor to many of the items that people have won - (especially with the mystery boxes of which one contained a four-subject sheet of $50 FRNs) as only Wendell can do it. The table was full of very nice paper money or related ephemera types of items including a Bruce Smart donated uncirculated $1 1899 Silver Certificate. Not only did SPMC have a record number of prizes but a new record was set for the donations (for raffle tickets) which totaled about $1,400. The FCCB also held a dinner in conjunction with the show at the nearby Jack Stack BBQ restaurant. We didn’t attend any club meeting on Saturday and don’t even know if any were held? We know that the Society of Paper Money Collectors (met at the breakfast), Souvenir Card Collecting Society (www.souvenircards.org), American Society of Check Collectors (disbanded as of January 1, 2019. All members were given a one-year membership in the American Revenue Association (www.revenuer.org). 

Lyn Knight (www.lynknight.com) also held multiple auctions at the show between June 13thto 16th. Auction lot viewing was in the main bourse hall and the sale itself was held in the Sheraton Crown hotel in Empire A and B. The sale had collections of foreign and United States currency. With the Knight firm having excellent online bidding, we were able to see the lots we had an interest in go higher than what we wanted to pay. Some people we talked to were able to get some nice material for their collections or for resale. Knight also held sales on the days following the convention.

Missing only a few IPMS’s during its 43-year history, we think that Kansas City is a nice venue for this annual event. At this show it is paper money, paper money and paper money always being discussed at the show, in the hotel rooms or lobby. It is at this event that we see our many friends in the syngraphic (paper money) hobby we love. We always find something for our collection and the many events along with the auction are always great. The Professional Currency Dealers Association is moving their convention from Rosemont next year and combining with the Central States Numismatic Society (4/22-25/2020) show in Schaumburg, IL. That will leave the International Paper Money Show as the only stand-alone currency show in 2020 – if Mr. Knight sets dates in Kansas City or some other city? Thanks again to Lyn and Doug for the free table. 

Yours in Numismatics, John and Nancy Wilson ANA National Volunteers


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