15 Apr 2019

Thank you National Money Show (NMS), March 28-30, 2019

National Money Show | ANA Official Post | ANAStaff

     The American Numismatic Association (ANA – www.money.org) National Money Show was held in Pittsburgh, PA on March 27 (set-up), 28 – 30, 2019 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, which is connected to the Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh.  This was the sixth time Pittsburgh has hosted an ANA Convention.  A special thanks to ANA Convention Director Jennifer Ackerman and her staff, Host Chair Patrick McBride and his 30-member committee, the National Volunteers, President Gary Adkins and the Board, Executive Director Kim Kiick and her staff, along with the host organization, the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists (PAN – www.pancoins.org).  Everyone connected to the show did masterful job; before, during and after the convention ended.  After the Wednesday set-up day concluded, PAN had a banquet at the beautiful LeMont Restaurant across the river overlooking the city.  The speaker was U. S. Mint Director David J. Ryder.  The numismatic friends of Sherlock Holmes dinner (hosted by the Fourth Garrideb – invitation only) was held on Friday night.
     The convention itself featured a 300-table bourse with over 350 dealers, a Kagin’s, Inc. (www.kagins.com) official auction, a U. S. Mint booth & U. S. Mint Director David J. Ryder participating, a museum showcase (featuring a 1913 Liberty Head nickel – an 1804 silver dollar & 1933 $10 gold eagle), a well done show guide, most of the grading services participating including the ANA official service NGC, collector exhibits, club tables featuring the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists – book selections from the John Burns Memorial Library, ANA District Representatives meeting, Abe Lincoln portrayed by Dennis Boggs, money talks educational programs, ANA Legacy Series featuring Don Everhart a former lead engraver at the U. S. Mint, Kids Zone / Treasure Trivia, an elongated collectors table (TEC) with free stretched coins, a Fed Ex booth, outstanding security by Positive Protection, Inc., a security room, Hugh Wood Insurance booth and a message center, ANA Board of Governors open meeting & Town Hall along with an ANA Board of Governors Candidate Forum.  Congratulations to the Best-in-Show exhibit, Halley’s Comet:   A Visual Record of Coins of Elagabalus. The ANA had great media coverage for the convention which probably helped to draw over 1000 to the event on Saturday.  Overall, we think the show was pretty successful.  Like all ANA conventions lots or meetings and programs were going on and it was impossible to do everything you wanted to do.  The convention center is well lit, and it was nice to have carpet in the front dealer section.  Most of the major dealers were in attendance at the convention.     
     The Kagin Auction also had many highlights and featured several major collections. The Joel R. Anderson Collection of War of 1812 notes was highlighted by Lot 3028.  The Unique $10 TN-14b (changing to TN-14c) and dated March 25, 1815 in PCGS-40 opened and closed to  either a book or phone bidder at $280,000.  That amount doesn’t include the buyers fee.  Before selling the lot, the Auctioneer said it was a real treasure and with that selling price it confirms his statement.  The catalog states that this note was “The First Circulating Banknote Authorized By the U. S. Government – First Time Publicly Offered.” The estimate was $150,000 - $250,000. The sale also offered an excellent selection of encased postage; and two collections from Professor Carlson R. Chambliss, which included some very important U. S. Postage and Fractional Currency Notes (including specimens). 
     The ANA held a convention in Pittsburgh in 1892 and since then the city has hosted five more conventions. The ANA will return to this same venue with a WFOM in 2020.  Thanks once again to all who helped and contributed to this ANA NMS convention.  We look forward to seeing you at the next ANA Coin Convention in Chicago - Rosemont, IL for the World’s Fair of Money (WFOM) at the Donald Stephens Convention Center on August 13 – 17, 2019.  

Yours in Numismatics, 
John and Nancy Wilson, 
ANA National Volunteers



Level 6

Sounds like it was a great show. Thanks to everyone that helped. Great blog..


Level 4

It was my first major coin show. It was fantastic! I was able to complete one of my collections and I was able to get a great start to my Ancient Coin collection, thanks to Harlan Berk. The ANA did a great job. I am looking forward to the next big show.

Thanks for the overview. The ANA really put together a great show.


Level 6

Thank you for a great overall view of the show! Sounds like it was wonderful and fun for all! Many thanks to all the volunteers ; )


Level 7

Someday. It's on my bucket list. And many thanks to the volunteers without them there is no show.

It's Mokie

Level 6

It was a great Con and I truly loved helping as a volunteer with PAN on the final day. I especially loved the setup for the children. I saw many many families and they all looked happy as they went on their treasure hunt.


Level 4

Thank you for the report. Blessings!

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