23 Jan 2022

What Is A.Blog

Coins | Mike

Well you will get allot of answers on this. I think the answer is simple. Its research and the history of a coin . What has happened. I read blogs that don't come.close to this.. Sure the yns start of small but progress by reading and commenting on others. Blogs used to be written once a week or twice. That's gone When i got here no one told me about collections. So I didn't put up my collections i put up one coin.. That was wrong. I learned.. But to put up my collections would take to many pictures. I finally understood the reason for both. Blogs have taught me so much history. Just from doing the research on a coin. Weather if its from a book or the net. I found out Wikipedia's history can be very wrong so I used other sources . Britannica on the web. Some coin sites and the best, books. I also found that many people.would be reading my blogs so the history of a coin medal or token and currency was very important. Don't cut and paste. If you do just give us the page you got it from and we will read it on our own. What happened I learned and caught a new passion for this hobby. The others I said need the best information I can give. Wrong information could be very bad to others.. There here to learn like me. I still learn after thirty years . It never gets old. Learning about coins expands yours and others understanding of this great hobby.. You all of a sudden have a passion for what your doing. And the hobby grows on you. I have slowed down but have picked up again. I have so many sets and coins to share with you. Yes we share. Its a back and forth. I have found there are certain blogs I like to read. I say I will read this again and I do. No one is better than other collector's. Were all the same doing the same thing. Some are better than others but they change. Some refuse to change. ...I also have learned from comments that's why there important. I follow the active members who write and share. Those who have not done anything in 7 years are not going to help me learn. The A.N.A. does not take down the older blogs of inactive members. Were here to share so why follow someone who is not here. I want to learn. We all want to learn. Every so often I clean house. Those who haven't been active I get rid of. Those who have no activity for up to seven years. They won't answer me back. If I send a message I'm not waiting another seven years for an answer.. Blogging is important to us as members of this wonderful organization.. I plan t o keep it up. I have allot to share and so does most members of this great hobby.. I have said this before. Lets make this a great site. I enjoy it and it has help me respect this hobby and the A.N.A. I know.we all love it. When things are done.right. Not like following almost 700 people. That's abuse. I don't care what they say its wrong. They don't share or help us learn. There here for themselves. Not for our community. I hope you enjoyed this. I enjoyed writing it. . Be well Be safe and write blogs. Don't forget the pictures!

22 Jan 2022

One More NZ Six Pence ---> one that got graded

| mrbrklyn

So, one more that got straight graded. This one actually recieved an AU grade, yet I think there is a weakness in the planette..They didn't see only problem with it though, and they have proven to be much better at this than me.A word about this birdThe huia is an extinct species of New Zealand wattlebird last seen in 2007, Its extinction was triggered by deforestation and over-hunting. It seemed to be very dependent on old forest growth and rotting wood. The natives (such as there are natives since they arrived only about 750 years before the Europeans,) used their plumage and also put pressure on the birds. Personally, I think the pressure from aboriginal man is under estimated in these situations because of European guilt... so be it. Even still, the export trade for specimens was strong, and after the Europeans came, with their mammals and guns, it put a lot of pressure on the species. Interestingly, the natives kept them as pets, and they could be trained to talk. Usually that can protect a species, but not in this case. They weren't seed eaters and require larvae and insects. Tail feathers still trade on the market for thousands of dollars.New Zealand fascination with the bird seems to never end. Maybe it is a good candidate for genetic resurrection? They made a 2015 1 ounce silver for the bird, 2010 New Zealand $1 Silver Proof Coin, etc.

22 Jan 2022

One Six Pence that didn't make it

Coins-World | mrbrklyn

Of the New Zealand Coins I sent out to ANACS, I had hopes for this one because it not only had great details in the strike, but it also had a lovely die crack. Somehow I missed the surface troubles with the coin and it came back details AU58 - Wire Brushing. I looked at it under the loop and failed to catch the problem.It does seem that Anacs is getting annoyed with me sending in cheap NZ coins. A few came back upside down in the plastic. Other than send tham back, there is not much I could do about it. How hard can it be to put the coin rightside up in the holder?

22 Jan 2022

High Grade new Zealand Six Pence graded by ANACS

Coins-World | mrbrklyn

Over time I have had some fustrations with my growing interest in New Zealand coinage from the 30's and 40's. I fell in love with the six pences which protrayed an extinct bird called Huia bird sitting on branch. These 50% silver coins where widely cleaned harshly by native New Zealanders and finding high grade examples in the world is a challenge. A great number of what I think are fine coins end up coming back as detailed grading. I recently got back a batch I sent to ANACS and one came back MS65! So I was excited with that. These things can get quite price in high grades. I have a few more to show off, but I will break them out, including a lovely 1 Penny Red with an MS grade from 1942 with statutest feeling to it.

22 Jan 2022

Star Notes!

| CheerioCoins

As you may know Star notes or replacement notes. are notes that replace faulty or notes that went wrong. About 1 in 100 notes will have Star notes. Some can be worth a lot while other not so much. Today I found 2 Star notes and they are the first Star notes I’ve found. If you look next to the serial number if there’s a star it’s a Star note. Many people have been posting about these Star notes like thatcoinguy who did an informational blog about them and AC coin$ who shared a bunch of them. So I decided to show the ones I found today with you.

22 Jan 2022

2013 $10* Star Note

Paper Money-U.S. | AC coin$

There used to be a time when people were able to buy more than three articles or food ítems and pay with a ten dollar bill, and perhaps still have change to keep. Memories from the 70's and early 80's come around while checking my $10 starred bill.

21 Jan 2022

A Revisiting

Coins-United States | Long Beard

January is a month where as collectors we begin new things, largely from New Year's Resolutions we've made pertaining to our hobby. Like most of you, the first weeks were spent adding a few missing coins or sets to finally complete a series run many years in the making before delving into something new. In the process, sorting through and looking at the many beautiful specimens amassed over 49 years I stumbled across a coin which instantly became the subject of this weeks blog. The Classic Head Large Cent. Enjoy!

21 Jan 2022

Mint Announces Prices for New Purple Heart Commemorative Program

Coins-United States | $tarCollector

Special Selection BlogMid January 2022Special News:Future Special Selection news articles will feature two individual stories. My Special Selection guarantee is that the news will be informative and true. Now to the news. Our article today will go into the Purple Heart Medal commemoratives and what this set of coins look like for collectors. Hope you enjoy!


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