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21 Nov 2016

Buying Damaged Coins

Ancient Coins | Aidan

I'm just curious as to what everyone's opinion is in this matter. Would you buy a historically important or "rare" coin even if it's damaged?

Coin shown, holed denarius of Caesar Augustus.
Augustus. 27 BC-AD 14. AR Denarius (3.53 g, 5h). Spanish mint (Colonia Caesaraugusta?). Struck 19-18 BC. Bare head right / S•P•Q•R• /CL•V in two lines on round shield.



Level 4

I probably would buy it but it would depend on what it was.


Level 5

I totally would, 100% all the time.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I wonder what that particular coin was holed with? It looks kind of squared on both sides. Maybe it was nailed to something like captain Ahab did in Moby Dick

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I'm not sure I would buy one unless I was just dying to have that coin and couldn't get one that wasn't holed. I'm not sure if they have much value I own 5 or 6 but they aren't my favorites. I inherited those.

If I thought the coin was pretty I would but it!


Level 6

If the coin appealed to me and I could afford it...then you bet I would buy it for my collection!


Level 3

If I were you I would. I think that if that coin is a coin that you like or want it doesn't matter what other people think. Maybe there is a cool history behind that coin as well. You should find out.


Level 2

I think if it's something you like it doesn't really matter what other people think it's not their money ! I buy what i like and family members and friends say why would you spend even a nickle on that scraggly looking thing? And i say because it makes me happy and thats all that matters .They see all my nice shiny coins and they droul ! LOL I always give them a "this makes me droul " LOL I like buying Inproper alloy mix coin's they don't get it until i show them all the ones i have that look like wood grain ,amd i have some really nice lincolns and I ndian Head cents like that and they love them.Just saying u cant please everyone.


Level 4

nothing wrong with a cool coin that you like !


Level 5

For the right coin - yes! Key coin hole fillers - yes! On a budget - yes!

I have always tried to follow the adage "Buy the best you can." This, however, is tempered with what I am collecting. One of my areas of interest is that of Roman Republican coins. There is enough variety and sheer number of coins I can select from, that I have more a problem of finding one nice enough, rather than finding the particular coin I want. Of a subset of this collect are the different die symbols on the denarii of Lucius Papius. Here I am willing to go for Nice Fines or Very Fines, as it allows me to collect a relatively uniform set of coins without paying hundreds of dollars for each one. If I were a collector of Roman Imperial I would not buy a damaged coin if I was working on a set of Roman Emperors, as even relatively rare emperors, such as Gordian I are attainable in at least decent condition. If however I were working on all the denarii or sestertii of Galba, I think I would be forced to buy coins of lower condition and even damaged coins. Sometimes a damaged coin catches you eye for a totally different reason that your collection. I once bought an Edgar penny (late middle Anglo-Saxon) with two quite large holes in the legend area. I used this coin as the subject of an article for the Journal of my State's numismatic association. This is a collectable coin by any stretch of the imagination. But you know, if I had to get rid of my coins, that battered old Edgar would be the one I would hold on to till the very end.


Level 4

Thanks the honest answers guys!


Level 6

I know of a person that made an exhibit of damage type set coins.


Level 5

They are cheaper! I have a few myself, like an XF 1853 large cent with a big hole in it as well as a 'III' in the side at the top and a 'VI' at the bottom. I also have an AU 1913 Ty. 1 Buffalo Nickel used as a button. Another is the top half of a Columbus Exposition half dollar. It only cost $3.00! I find these pieces very collectible and very interesting.


Level 6

Yes, I would. Look at all the Chain cents with marks, nicks, or other abuse. It's still a Chain cent, & a piece of history.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Yes. I do and I have. I also find that damaged coins are not worth very much. There are less buyers angling for damaged coins, even if they are rare. It is a good way to get a good deal. but it will end up being a coin that does not rise in value very much should you go to resell it to upgrade to a nicer specimen.


Level 5

The questions I usually ask myself are "is it damage from the time it was in use?" What was the cause of the damage? Damage can make a coin more appealing to me because it is part of it's history.


Level 7

I would buy any coin that catches my eye. That's an eye catcher. Good for you you bought by you like and I'm sure others to! Makes this hobby great. Good blog honest question. You got an honest answer! Keep it up! Thanks Mike

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