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27 Aug 2014

Intermediate Coin Grading (Grading 2) Class Notes, Summer Seminar 2014

Summer Seminar | Amanda Varner

I recently attended the ANA’s Summer Seminar for the second time, taking Intermediate Coin Grading (grading 2) this time.  I brought along my trusty iPad, and because I type at a nearly inhuman speed I took some pretty extensive notes that I thought I might share in the hopes of helping others.  This class was taught by two current coin graders, one employed by PCGS and the other NGC — you just can’t ask for better instructors.  Steven Feltner (PCGS guy) and John Schuch II (NGC guy) were great, and I wrote down nearly everything they said whether it was new to me or not.

These are my unedited notes, and I’m sure they’re lacking in proper sentence structure; they may also seem to refer to a specific coin that’s not mentioned, and while I did my best to go back and at least throw in the type of coin I may have missed a few. You’ll just have to forgive me in exchange for all the tips and tricks hidden in there...




Level 5

Thank you for the notes! Sharing truly does help!!!

Amanda Varner

Level 4

Thank you, cergrader! It was my hope that the notes would help someone else out there. :)


Level 5

Awesome notes Amanda!!! I recommend this reading to all collectors new and experienced. Good stuff! Cergrader.

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