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03 Jul 2014

HOW TO: Change your display name

| ANAStaff

Step by step: How to change your display name

1. To change your display name log into your account on money.org.

2. Once you have reached the homepage you will see a yellow bar with several options. The bar starts with “Discover,” “Earn Points,” “About ANA,” “Community,” “My ANA” and your current username, avatar and message notification. To edit your username click on your current username.

3. Clicking on your current username will bring you to “My Page.” Here you will see several white boxes. The white box on the top left will contain your current username, your points, your rank, your level, and your friend information. It will also contain a small purple box that says, “Edit Profile.” Click on it to get to the “My Settings” page.

4. On the “My Settings” page you will see “Display Name” and a white box with your current name in it. To change your display name type your desired username in the white box and click “Update.”

5. Next to the update button it should tell you that your new username has been saved. To be sure that your display name has been updated, return to the home page by clicking on the large American Numismatic Association logo in the top left corner of the page or refresh your page.

6. Your display name next to your avatar should now be changed to your new username.


  • people from all over the country will see your display name

  • for privacy reasons you may choose not to use your full name as a display name

  • if you use your full name as your display name, consider changing your privacy settings and who can view to your page

  • make sure your username abides by the ANA Bylaws and Code of Ethics as well as the website Terms and Conditions



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