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03 Jul 2014

HOW TO: Change your password

| ANAStaff

Step by step: How to change your password

1. To change your password log into your account on money.org.

2. Once you have reached the homepage you will see a yellow bar with several options. The bar starts with “Discover,” “Earn Points,” “About ANA,” “Community,” “My ANA” and your current username, avatar and message notification. To edit your password click on your current username.

3. This will bring you to “My Page.” Here you will see several white boxes. The white box on the top left will contain your current username, your points, your rank, your level, and your friend information. It will also contain a small purple box that says, “Edit Profile.” Click on it to get to the “My Settings” page.

4. On the “My Settings” page you will see “Display Name,” “Slug,” “My Profile is viewable by,” and “Upload Avatar.” Continue scrolling down to the section of the page that says, “My ANA.”

There are several short lists in this section titled, “My Account,” “Directories,” “Online Store,” “Surveys,” and “Contact.” Under “My Account,” there will be a link labeled, “ Update My Username/Password.” Click on this link and you will be brought to a, “Update My Username and Password” page.

5. If you want to change only your password, enter your current username in the white box next to, “New Username” and then type in your desired password in the white box next to “New Password.” To ensure that there is not a typo in your desired password, the website requests that you re-type your password in the white box next to, “Confirm Password.”

6. Once you have filled in all 3 boxes, click, “Update.” The update button will bring you to a confirmation page informing you that your information has been updated.


  • Each password can only contain numbers, uppercase and lowercase characters, and the following special characters: ! $ - _ . + * ( )

  • Be sure to select a password that is complicated enough that someone else cannot guess it but simple enough that you will remember it.

  • If you forget your password click on the “Forgot Password?” link on the ANA login page and follow the steps to change your password.
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