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20 Mar 2014

NGC Modifies CrossOver Policy to Include 70-Graded Coins

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Written by: Janell Armstrong

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation« (NGC«), the world's largest third-party coin grading and authentication service, has announced that it will now accept CrossOver submissions of coins graded MS 70, PF 70 and SP 70.

NGC's CrossOver service allows PCGS-certified coins to be submitted to NGC for grading without removing them from the holders. If NGC assigns the same or higher grade the coins will be carefully removed from the PCGS holder and encapsulated by NGC. Previously, only coins graded 69 and below were eligible for NGC's CrossOver service.

NGC is the official grading service of the American Numismatic Association and its members can directly submit U.S. and world coins direct to NGC. 

The policy change, which is effective immediately, is in response to feedback from collectors who desire to complete sets of NGC-certified modern coins in the ultimate grades of NGC MS 70 or NGC PF 70 Ultra Cameo. Many collectors display their sets on the free, online NGC Registry, which is the largest of its kind at nearly 85,000 sets  a significant percentage of which are modern coins.

"As more collectors, particularly those who participate in the online NGC Registry, build sets of NGC-certified modern coins, we have witnessed growing demand for NGC to allow CrossOvers of coins graded 70 by PCGS," says Mark Salzberg, NGC Chairman. "By updating our CrossOver policy we now present collectors and dealers with a risk-free opportunity to submit their PCGS-graded modern coins to NGC."

NGC will extend its CrossOver special to allow submissions of all PCGS-certified U.S. and world coins for CrossOver and charging only a modest $5 handling fee if the coin does not meet NGC's strict grading standards.

"NGC has long been the leader in modern coin certification because of our accurate and consistent grading as well as our inert holder, which was tested and is currently used by the Smithsonian Institution," Salzberg continues. "The NGC holder is ideal for the long-term preservation of these beautiful coins."

For more information and detailed submission instructions visit the NGC website, www.NGCcoin.com


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