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07 Dec 2014

Kennedy Halves

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I guess the 50th is going well...Since I am a ANA member I can get coins slabbed at NGC. I am wondering just what it would cost for me. I can send 10 coins to ANACS for $125 and I think NGC is $40 per submission. All I am after is grade and such.

I have some Kennedy's and a Superbird quarter but I can not see spending $40....

Can someone enlighten me on just what the ANA gets me as far as NGC?



Level 4

When you join ANA you get a subscription to the NGC Grading service included.


Level 5

go to CMCC's website he listed.


Level 5

Modern coins can be graded for $15 each, but there is a minimum of 5 coins to be graded. Other coins are $32, and that is cheap. You can do it express for a few hundred dollars. For better information, go to www.ngccoin.com


Level 5

As is noted, you are allowed to submit coins directy to NGC without going through an authorized dealer.


Level 6

I think it just allows you to sumbit coins without going through a registered dealer. I've done it once and it worked out fine. I had some questions so I phoned them up. They were very helpfull. You can also submit single coins. They usually have different price options depending on the coin and the time frame you want it back. Also some holder options. It's all on their website.

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