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30 Jul 2016

Heading to the ANA in Anaheim?

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The Token and Medal Society and the American Israel Numismatic Association are pleased to present a joint program featuring a lecture by the renowned sculpture, Eugene Daub, at 1 pm on Wednesday, August 10th in the Hilton Huntington B/C. Daub is well-known for his many medals and as a recipient of the ANA life time achievement award for Medallic Sculpture and the ANS Saltus Award. A brief resume can be found at the American Medallic Sculpture Association website: http://amsamedals.org/members/Eugene_Daub.html.

See you all in Anaheim.



Level 5

It would have been great to hear more about the experience


Level 7

Well I hope you had a good time! Did you pick up anything while you were there.? Well thanks for the information. Mike


Level 5

So how did the lecture go? How was Anaheim?

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

You wonderful people are going to have so much fun!!


Level 6

Sounds interesting! Thanks for the information. I'll be seeing everyone in Anaheim!


Level 6

Thanks for the info. I'll be checking it out.


Level 5

I will be there!


Level 5


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