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30 Aug 2022

Soon New coins!

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Hello again every one. See what's about to enter my collection......

I found this pawn shop In Phoenix. They have some great deals. One of my bast finds there was two silver certificates, but that's not all they were also star notes! The prince was a steal for me, only 5$ for both! Not bad, I also got a half dime for 5$! Another steal for me. Plus a 1862 Indian head for 5$. That one wasn't as good but still awesome. This time I have a plain. First they have a box full of Indian heads for a dollar each, next I'm going to go through there box that has five dollar coins in it and I can't decide between buffalo nickels 3$ or mercury dimes 5$. If you know which one I should get put it in the comments plz and thank you!

I'm going soon so hurry!



Level 4

Average circulated Mercury Dime goes for $4-$5. Being 90% silver, I think it’s your better bet.


Level 3

Ok so for resale what would you do❓

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