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23 Jun 2022

Rare error?

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Hi guys! This is a pretty interesting case here....

I've had this coin for about a year and found a awesome error on it but I've been looking all over the internet and nothing and now writing a blog post on it for your input. It's a 1854 large cent and its missing a star. I've put under a microscope and it's just not there! I checked google and duck duck go and other's, but no nothing on the internet and there may be only one or two in the world. If you know anything about it please leave a comment!

Also look at the pictures below and see what you think.

image one: is the coin, and on the top right above the bun is were the star is missing.image two: this a close up on the spot were the star is missing.image three: now the last one is how (image two) should look like



Level 5

So hard to tell from the photo. Best of luck and let us know.

AC coin$

Level 6

It would be wonderful if you check cointrackers.com, jcbullion.com, numista.com and several other sites that deal with rarities. Also, there's no doubt you have quite a treasure at hand. Search the web for launching errors for that specific year of 1854, as I believe the Minting House was Philadelphia. Such features that you found migh mean bucks. Best of luck.


Level 3

thanks, but I can't find it still. I think theres only two in the world thanks though

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