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30 Aug 2017

New Find! Check your Change!

Coins | Caleb Karling

So recently I was looking through some change that I got from a McDonald's drive thru. I found a 1964-D Washington quarter. But whats really special about this find its a D/D. I can't really tell which mint mark is the repuched mint mark, I do believe its the one to the east that's on top. This is first known D/D that is like this. Just comes to show anything can be in your change. 


Sir GrantsAlot

Level 3

through many many many boxes of quarters, I've only found 1 silver (1948-D)


Level 6

Very cool! You can really see the doubling! Yes... always check your change! You never know what you might find : )


Level 5

Hi Caleb. Although you were very lucky to find a 1964-D quarter in your change, it does NOT have a re-punched mintmark (or "RPM.") The mintmark on your coin exhibits a phenomenon known as strike-doubling, also called shelf or machine doubling. True doubling or re-punches will show 'notches' on letters/numbers/devices. This is very common on many of the quarters from around that time period, and does not command any pricing premium. Charles Daughtrey made a great drawing to explain these differences, and there is also an appendix in the Cherrypickers' Guide to Rare Die Varieties of United States Coins that explains this wonderfully. Here is a link to a page that has Charles' drawing, illustrating these examples. (I thought this was also available on the Lincoln Cent Resource website, but couldn't see it there today.) Cut and paste this address in your web browser: http://coinauctionshelp.com/doubledieminterror.html#.Wamxk8iGOUk --Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator


Level 6

Nice find.


Level 6

Great find! Keep searching. That variety certainly is obvious.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

nice find and a very great coin indeed

I just checked the 2017 Mega Red Book and even they don't mention it. So yes, that's quite a discovery you have there.


Level 7

That's a Denver mint mark. It appears to be double struck. That's why we always check our change. Very nice find. Good for you. It sounds like you need the Red Book. It will help you on all American coinage. Bring it to a dealer and have it checked. Sharp eyes. You never know what's out there. Congrats on a nice find. There are many double dies on mint marks on all sorts of coinage. Enjoy it but have it checked. Mike

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