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30 Apr 2021

2021 Morgan Dollar

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For this blog, I will be talking about the expensiveness of the 2021 Morgan dollar. First of all, I don't think I will be able to buy it without complete satisfaction because the silver value is (I'm pretty sure) literally worth like less than $20. The U.S. Mint is going to sell them for $85 (according to Google). $65 for what? The rest of the metal in the coin? The design? Is it high relief? Or does the U.S. Mint want to make money even though they'd probably make more if they sold it for like $75 or something? My conclusion: the U.S. Mint is WAY too overpriced.



Level 4

I need morgans but the are expensive

I. R. Bama

Level 5

To me this is more of a gimmick coin.


Level 5

The photo of the mintmark on the US Mint website looks strange. It appears the Mint will incuse the mintmark on a raised oval?

It's Mokie

Level 6

Just looking to score a Peace Dollar, the Morgans hold zero interest for me. (:


Level 5

As an investor, I see that the demand is not in silver. The Mint has a way of creating artificial demand (such as the v75 dollars) where they sell them for $85 or so originally, but dealers can sell them no problem for upwards of $250. I expect a similar thing to happen with these, and plan on buying in bulk to resell a few.


Level 5

Look's like another race to sell out ? I will try a get a couple. One from every mint? 175 thousand mintage? Wonder what the aftermarket price will be once sold out? V75 is around 600 dollars for MS70. Maybe $200?


Level 6

The whole deal is already too much. The people will pay the price the Mint wants providing the product is even available. With that being said I hope to get a CC Morgan and a Peace Dollar... ; ) haha

I've decided: CC Morgan.


Level 5

Kepi, I'm with you on the CC and Peace Dollar!


Level 7

Everyone wants the CC. It will be in a privy mark on the reverse.10% goes to the big sellers.Then they will have one with every mint mark. 175 ,000. 10 limit per household. I do not get all the excitment. The mint is hoping you buy one from every mint. It will be a mess take my word. Only one peace dollar!

I thought the limit was 25.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

The coin is a disappointment to me all the way around


Level 3

I think you should get one.

I think I will.


Level 4

Very true. Just hoping to get one though.


Level 6

Your conclusion, my friend, is correct. The mint is going to way overprice these and the Peace Dollar. Now all our coins we collect are worth way more than their face value or melt, I believe. You may be wrong about that. I'm sure there will be many different finishes as well as the different mint marks. This is just a gig on Morgan and Peace Dollar collectors. My opinion. I may be wrong. That being said, I do hope to get a single Peace Dollar. I don't expect to be able to order it from the mint as they will be servicing their "Special Buyers" before it even goes on sale to the public. They also have a low mintage with a ridiculously high household limit. What could go wrong? Thanks.

About the different mintmarks, I want to get a CC one, one because they are the legendary Carson City, second because they are coming out sooner, but even though they have CC mintmarks, they are going to be minted at Philadelphia. Buying a CC one just doesn't really feel right because it wasn't minted actually at CC. San Francisco could mint 2021 S Morgans, but they are all going to be minted at Phily.

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