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23 Nov 2021

Don't Leave!

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Hi everyone, I'm seeing a lot of people that were once active on the ANA website just leave. Like, people that were once super active just stop. If you are going to take a break, please let me know. I hate to see people leave! Also, please post once in a while. I can name probably over ten people who have not been active lately. Please come on the website at least once a week! I really don't want you to quit.



Level 5

I did notice that. I left for a little while but then came back on about a week ago.


Level 6

Great group of people here! We all get busy or have stuff come up from time to time. I think in general we're here even if we don't post a blog or get social. ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I'm still here my friend. I'm sorry, we get attached to each other here and miss each other when we disappear! My story is several life issues of different kinds going on at the same time. But I shouldn't allow that to drop out of sight of my friends here. Even though it did. Anyway, I'm still here.


Level 5

I think the people have a right to leave the website when the please, but only follow people who are active. Don’t follow people who haven’t posted in years PLEASE!😒

AC coin$

Level 6

Good blog , nice observation . I also noticed that. Thank


Level 6

I'm not going anywhere. Why? What did you hear?

I’ve seen a lot of people leave.


Level 5

I was a more active blogger, but I never left. As a retiree, things have shifted a little for me. However, my love of collecting coins has never waned. I'm just focused a little differently now. Most of what I do now is to post comments. No worries, though, when I have something to say on these boards, you'll see it!


Level 7

You can't stop them. There are many reasons people leave. One is there young don't have work yet and can't buy coins. They see the blogs and get discouraged. They also find out this is not for them. I can go on and on. But if they leave they leave. Collecting is not easy. Buying the coins you like or special coins. It cost money to buy these coins. I'm sure they think about it. I do think once they leave there blogs should be taken down and no one can follow someone who's not here here but they do . Points. They mean nothing. They will do anything for points. Get a million . You get nothing! So they leave. They read old blogs. From people who are gone five years. Let me ask a question. Why leave a comment to someone who will never read it? If you want to read them do so and don't say thanks to someone who is not there and hasn't been for 6 years. They follow these people.looking for help and none comes. One person is following 6500 people . That's all he does. Why is he still here? Ask the ANA!. I gave up!

Long Beard

Level 5

I'm on here practically every day though it's only been to browse the archives lately. I try to read all of the posts, leaving comments when I do, but that does not mean I left regardless. I do appreciate the blog post reminding me to post one soon, which it is in the works.


Level 5

I am not a big blog poster, but do have plenty of new topics I want to do a blog on. I do enjoy seeing all the blog posts. Have learned quite a bit by reading blogs. Blogs have shown me areas of numismatics, i would probably never have seen. I have also gotten into areas of collecting because of blogs about the particular medal or coin. We do have a nice group that frequent the blogs.

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