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01 Oct 2021

Great Day at the Coin Show!

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Today I went to a coin show and boy did I have some great finds! I finally got a seated liberty half dime! I needed one for around 6 months. One step further to completing my collection. I also got a 1921 P pitted reverse Morgan dollar, though I don't know the exact VAM. I found it for $45 and the person who was selling it didn't know it had a VAM, so I got it. It is in MS-63 and is worth over $100. The pitting is under the tail feathers of the eagle on the reverse. I also got a 1921 P Morgan dollar with four dots underneath the left tail feathers. It is in MS-61. Please tell me if you think you know what these VAMs are. Sorry there are no pictures- I can't take any right now. See you later!


AC coin$

Level 6

You know ahead that in the long run they'll be worth much more. Mint conditions are great but quality of design goes beyond that. I celebrate with you for your acquisitions.

Long Beard

Level 5

Coin shows always get me excited. But not quite as much when I get the next credit card bill. I need a support group.


Level 5

Awesome! Let us know when you find out what VAMs they are!


Level 6

Sounds like a goof time.


Level 6

Very cool. I am going to help you with your VAM designations by letting you look it up. Here is the link you need. Good luck: http://ec2-13-58-222-16.us-east-2.compute.amazonaws.com/wiki/1921-P_VAMs


Level 5

Nice finds. It certainly pays to know what your looking for and looking at. Knowledge is important. Most coins I look at, i have no idea unless its an obvious error.


Level 7

Very nice pick ups.. And a good show. You had a good time and got some nice coins.!!


Level 5

Nice pickups! I got to go to my first coin show recently, they're so much fun

It's Mokie

Level 6

Nothing like a great show and some great finds to stir the numismatic heart, thanks for sharing, my favorite show comes to town on October 28th.


Level 6

Sounds like you had a great time! Longstrider can help you with your VAMs... He's our VAM Man! ; )


Level 5

Nice. Look forward to pics, if you can take some, soon.


Level 4

Wow, those are some good finds, and are very cheap considering their original prices!

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