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25 Oct 2021

Morgan Dollar VAMs I'm Not Sure About

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Hi everyone. Sorry I have not been that active lately. I have this one Morgan dollar with four or five dots under the tail feathers. It looks kind of like a die clash with the reeds clashing under the tail feathers. I can't find a picture of it to tell me what VAM it is, but I took it to a dealer and he confirmed it was a VAM. If anyone knows or thinks they know what this VAM is, please tell me. Thanks!


AC coin$

Level 6

Nice !


Level 5



Level 6

Very cool! Post a photo when you can. ; )


Level 5

Keep us posted. Is it a rare VAM? Let us know. Thanks

It's less than $100, so I don't think so... maybe.


Level 6

Have to have photos. Have to. He is right. All coins are some kind of VAM. If you are going to study VAM's, here is your new home: http://ec2-13-58-222-16.us-east-2.compute.amazonaws.com/wiki/Home Good luck.

The pictures won't show it... you have to have it at a certain angle and it's really hard to see.


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It would be helpful if you posted some photos...

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