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26 Mar 2021

The New Red Book!

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I preordered the new 2022 Red Book and just got an email today that they are shipping my Red Book today. Also, there is something you can fill out at the back, and in the 2021 Red Book it was a quarter folder for free. If you have the March issue of the Numismatist,there is a code in there for a 10% discount on the 2022 Red Book. Spiral bound, hardcover, large print and I think there is another one.


Long Beard

Level 5

The ANA offers the 10% promo quite frequently in conjunction with Whitman. Haven't used it yet, waiting on a hard cover addition to the Mega Red which likely won't happen any time soon.


Level 6

Good to know! Gotta have that "large print"... haha ; )


Level 6

Wow!! That is early. That is why I say get them for the coin info not the prices. That is what auction archives and eBay SOLD is for. I don't buy them every year either. Just me.


Level 5

Was looking forward to mega red book. Don't tell me we have to settle for regular red book. Will probably get a red book at some point.


Level 7

I don't think that there will be a seventh edition of the Mega Red Book. That would mean dollars. There are just to many to do so I think the run is over. I enjoyed it alllot. Back to the regular Red Book!!


Level 6

Good information


Level 4

Wow, I’m gonna get ready for that book.

You can order it on Whitman.com

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