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28 Oct 2018

A new want list

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Have you updated your want list lately? Good idea. There are always a few coins on that list that are dream coins. Mercury dime collectors want the 1916-D. Lincoln cent specialists want the 1909-S VDB. Type collectors want the small eagle coins. Some want list may never be filled.
Try a new kind of want list. Pick a coin or two that interests you, one that you may not have a realistic change of owning. Learn more about the coin. Check articles online or in your favorite coin publication.
Entire books have been written on the 1804 dollar, the 1913 Liberty nickel, and the 1933 double eagle. Check out reference books that cover the coin you like. So many specialty books are available, perhaps to buy or to check out of the ANA Library. And there are always auction catalogs to check. Some of those catalogs are reference books in themselves.
Whether it's the Chain cent, a 1895 Morgan dollar, or another special rarity, make a list of coins you like and want to learn more about. You'll learn something, and that will make you a better numismatist.



Level 5

Cool idea, especially as I move into retirement!

on my want list I mean

I want 1909 "S" VDB and 1922 no "D"


Level 4

Wonderful blog. I sure had some dreams going into the week, before not winning that $800M cash! An 1804 dollar would look nice here, a double Pan-PAC set in hammered copper frame here. Oh well. Truth is, I love reading the story of coins like that more than I would probably enjoy owning them, what with the security worries and such. Dreaming is nice though. Thanks. Jim

Great advice, learning can be one of the best gifts of all.


Level 6

Good advice. Looking at early Proof Roosevelt Dimes.

It's Mokie

Level 6

LOL, the Red Hook is kind of like the old Sears catalog, turn the pages and dream. Good on my list right now, a Fine Just Dollar.

It's Mokie

Level 6

A fine Bust Dollar!!!!!


Level 6

All good ideas. Read books and dream. Thanks!


Level 7

I have always ordered a coin for myself for Christmas. Not this year. I wouldn't know what to order. Since I as forced into retirement it's no planing this year. Well it's the first time in twenty-five years. We adjust. Thanks for the blog. In would start to think about it now but we do what we have to do. Thanks again. Mike.


Level 6

Good idea. Knowledge is power. My want list changes constantly. Thanks.

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