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30 May 2018

A premium

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As a writer, I have attended a few book signings the past few years. Besides the usual author giveaways...bookmarks, postcards, sticky notes etc...It's good to have a raffle sometimes. I've seen authors have drawings for different prizes, ranging from copies of new books to gift baskets to something really unusual.
What could be more unusual than a reproduction of a rare coin? Make that, a coin that does not exist. My novel "Wild World" is the story of a young woman who inherits a silver dollar that happens to be an 1873-S Seated dollar. In real life, none has ever turned up. Reproductions of certain rarities have come into the market in recent years. I'm looking for a nice repro of the 1873-S dollar. This would be a nice premium to get some interest in my story.
I'm not aware of silver rounds that look like this coin, but there may be some out there. 


Quite an interesting story, although the public would get crazy if you gave one out thinking it was real.


Level 6

Sounds like a great idea! You'll find something that will work! ; )


Level 6

How about eBay. I know some smaller mint companies will make whatever you want. Probably require quite a few pieces though. Good luck. Good idea.


Level 4

If you find one, that would be so cool for a raffle! And think of the crowds it would draw in..... :)


Level 6

Maybe, if you can afford it, or know someone else that does it, you could have dies made and distribute them.


Level 7

I would hope one turned up somewhere. It's a thought but making reproductions of a rare coin I hope on the coin it would say something otherwise they would be all over. I get worried about that seen or not seen. Interesting but needs more discussions. Thanks. Mike.

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