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25 Mar 2017

A thing of beauty

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During my shopping trip downtown last week, I stopped at my favorite coin shop. Much construction going on, so no window displays. When I went inside, I spotted a lovely coin.
The poet who described "a thing of beauty and a joy forever" probably never saw the same coin I did, but it's an apt description. This was a 1860-O Seated Liberty dollar in MS-62. The coin was brilliant white, full details, a great example of the Seated Liberty design. Liberty's hand, lines on the shield...all there. The reverse eagle  showed feathers and as much detail as expected on a Mint State coin. Luster was bright, cartwheel. This coin had been preserved for future collectors, and the dollar specialist  or type collector will benefit.
This coin most likely was from a Treasury Hoard released in the 1960s. The next owner should be pleased and proud to have the coin.



Level 5

Sounds like you enjoy your window shopping.

Sounds like a beautiful coin. You should post a picture of it. What did it cost you, if you don't mind sharing?


Level 6

I didn't buy it. Don't know the price.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that does sound beautiful


Level 4

Oh wow, that sounds gorgeous!!! I bet whoever gets it will be very happy indeed. :)


Level 6

It is great to visit coin shops and see new items. Sometimes this is the only time you will see coin that you haven't seen before.


Level 6

Sounds beautiful. If you can't window shop...then go on in and look around. You never know what you might find! : )


Level 7

A thing of beauty it truly sounds like. I only wish I could of seen it. Coins are things of beauty and that's what brings happiness to the hobby. Mike

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