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12 Jan 2018

Always something...good

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With over fifty years of collecting experience, and a never ending thirst for knowledge, I don't think I'll run out of coin writing/blog ideas until the turn of the next century. New issues, new discoveries, circulation finds, roll searching...always something new, and usually good.
During this crazy winter weather, there have not been that many trips downtown or visits to the coin shop. It's time to hibernate and work on new projects, including the launch of a new book. My eighth novel (ninth book overall) will be released very soon. I received the proofs and approved them this morning. And I've begun work on a new project, a science fiction novel. No coins :(
I plan to continue visiting this site and writing blogs when I can. As I said, there's always something to write about. Who knows, I might even be able to attend a major show, like Central States, and write a report or a blog on the show. And I have to report my first 2018 coin, whenever I find one!


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

as they say there is something out there for everyone


Level 6

Good luck on all your ventures!!! Now time to get busy! : ) I would love to read some of your novels!


Level 3

I would like to read your new book when it comes out. I was wondering what you will be calling it so that I can look for it when it comes out and read it.


Level 3

Fifty years of collecting experience! That's impressive. Congrats on the book.


Level 6

No 2018 coins yet, but did received a 1957-D AU cent this week.


Level 6

You won't be able to keep away. Good luck on the new book.. Thanks!


Level 7

With all the coins out there we will always have something to write about. That's why I like this hobby. Lots of luck with your new book looking forward to it. Mike.

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