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07 Sep 2017

Finally bought it!

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Finally, after all these years...I bought a copy of Dave Bowers' wonderful reference book, "A California Gold Rush History." A solid reference and a keeper if ever there was one. An important part of American history is documented in this volume. Collectors, historians, and gold fans would love this book. I don't know why I didn't get this book sooner.
And the same day, I received my Sept Numismatist. Cover story? Witness to the Gold Rush! Perhaps an all-new interest has begun.



Level 6

A very good book! Beautiful! I checked it out from the ANA Library. They are a great resource!


Level 6

I agree, a wonderful book. Very interesting. If you can't find or afford the book right know, try the ANA library. Thanks!


Level 5

Good for you!! Enjoy the read.


Level 7

A great interest and I have to say expensive one. But I always say if you can go for it. It might be a sign. I love gold would love to buy some of the wonderful pieces made in gold. And I would have them. Except for a.man who shouldn't of been driving. But in a very weird way if it didn't happen I wouldn't be here today collecting coins and enjoying myself doing it. So yes one way I lost everything. But in another I'm here and doing what I like. Enjoy your new book and luck with maybe a new adventure. Mike.

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