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19 Dec 2017

Ideas, only ideas

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As a writer, I'm always searching for new ideas, topics, research for articles. What does the collecting community want to read about?
Personal collecting stories are always fun. Everyone has his/her own story, experience. Looking back on 50 years of collecting, I'm sure I can come up with more stories.
Since the Mint is bringing back iconic designs, I see some research is being done on designers/sculptors. Do collectors want to read more about the artists who designed their favorite coins, perhaps a study of their other work?
Maybe a tale of how a new variety or error was discovered. Maybe a story on the minting process is rather cut and dry, but tales of discovery are fun. It could happen to you!
Gather a few rolls of half dollars and search for silver, write up the results. Would that be of interest? 
What kind of research, writing, would appeal to collectors out there?



Level 6

I love Buffalo Nickels...really anything with a Buffalo theme. So I think research for a book about that subject would be fun! I think Q. David Bowers might have done that already though... : ) haha


Level 6

I love Buffalo nickels too. Someday I want to write of Two Moon, one of the models.


Level 6

I would like to see what you like. Authors choice. I think a book should make the author happy first. Thanks


Level 6

My writing is usually something I am interested in, or inexpensive ideas for collecting areas. I like personal interest items. Unusually finds. I talking with a friend this year about what he was doing. He had a part time joy at a coin shop. He was going through some junk silver the shop bought. He found a VG 1942/41 dime.


Level 6

What a terrific find! There are still good coins out there.


Level 5

That's a loaded question, there are numerous ways you can go with this. You could write about the Morgans you love but what new information would you bring to the table that hasn't been thoroughly written about already. You could write write about the journey and the passion, now that's unique. Such a work could have tips and helpful experiences to anyone contemplating starting such a collection. Of course you would want to write in detail about the relationships you have with dealers and adding the 93-S to your collection. In this day of the impersonal internet purchases you could write about developing a collector network of close associates helping each other to meet each others collecting goals. The art of the deal is fast becoming a lost art. Write about developing a collector network through a local coin club and getting involved. We need to recover what we are losing through e-commerce. Technology is here to stay, talk about a healthy balance between the new ways and the old ways. Talk about striking that balance by retaining the best of technology and the brick and mortar dealer. Talk about how to develop a rational want list with a trusted dealer. There are of course infinite ways you could write a book in this vein.


Level 7

I like to write about coins and tokens some collectors are not aware of. Also the history behind them. How many collectors know about conder tokens not many. Or how many people know the history of the Morgan Dollar. They know who designed it but how did it come to be. Every coin has a history and a story. Including medals. Thanks again food for thought. Mike


Level 5

I approach writing like I do collecting. Write what you are passionate about and it will come through on paper (so to speak). It seems like when I write that way it gets the best response regardless of the topic.

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