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07 Jul 2018

Just dreams

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Lately I've been busy completing a series of articles. Some of you have already read the first in the series, and I thank you.
An interest in coins can lead to other interests too. I have tried to share my enthusiasm for coins by writing. Reading, researching...the more you know, the more there is to know. And the more interesting it becomes. After decades, I'm still learning.
As a writer, I'm always looking for books. Browsing through bookstores, or even certain websites, can lead to some good finds. Coin books can be collectibles, too, such as the Red Book.
Yesterday I found a beautiful picture book on Little Bighorn. Buffalo nickel fans may know that Two Moons, one of the coin's models, fought there. He wrote his own account of the battle. This man had quite a life that is worth telling. Reading reference books on Buffalo nickels give some information on him, but much more research is needed.
Someday I'd like to write a full-length piece about Two Moons. For now, it's just a dream. But so was writing a coin book.


The buffalo nickel is one of the most iconic American coins ever produced. If you ever do write a book like that please tell me. I won 6th place at the Ohio Power of the Pen competition in 2017. I love reading coin books.


Level 5

Do it, even if it is just for your own satisfaction. Although I believe you would find a large audience for the topic.


Level 2

thats a great idea! i love the history that coins contain. ^-^


Level 6

You should pursue that dream!


Level 6

Great blog. That would make a fantastic book. Thanks!


Level 7

Two moons one of the three. There contribution to that beautiful coin is historic. Think of the wars we had with the different tribes . Then they sit for this coin. I think that was wonderful. Thanks for bringing it up. Mike.

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