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10 Nov 2016

Overlooking something good

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With Veterans Day coming up, I checked my trusty Red Book to find any commemorative coins that would make a meaningful collection. For some reason, I have overlooked the many modern commemorative coins.  I found a great number of commems that honor veterans. Most are readily available, and prices are not too painful.
The 1991 Korean War silver dollar and the USO dollar can start off a new collection. Three coins were issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of World War II. The 1994 Vietnam Veterans Memorial dollar depicts the Memorial itself in DC, with a hand running over the names on the wall, a more emotion-invoking design than seen on many recent issues. The POW dollar, minted that same year, shows an eagle within barbed wire. There is also a 1994 silver dollar honoring Women in Military Service.
Three coins were minted in 1995 to commemorate Civil War battlefield preservation. The dollar's reverse includes a quote from Joshua Chamberlain.
The 230th anniversary of the Marine Corps was remembered on a 2005 silver dollar.
Another well-designed coin appeared in 2010, to honor disabled veterans. This silver dollar shows three veterans, one with a crutch, and one with one leg. In 2011, coins depicting the Medal of Honor were minted, a silver dollar and a $5 gold. The U.S. Army was commemorated with three coins. The following year, an Infantry Soldier dollar was minted. And in 2013, the nations' 5-star generals were honored with an attractive set of three coins.
While modern commems have taken their share of criticism--some designs are cluttered, or bear more lettering than design--this is an overlooked area of American numismatics. Any of these coins would make a wonderful gift for the veteran on your list.
Maybe older coins would be considered, such as a set of Wartime nickels. A set of these coins in circulated condition, in a special holder, is not that expensive. Even a Mint State set isn't that pricey, considering these coins are 35% silver and so historical.
Many coins were issued to honor those who served. Any of these coins would make a wonderful addition to your collection, or to start a new collecting interest.



Level 5

Thanks for getting all of us to remember and think about the reason for the commemorative's too!


Level 5

I am not a big fan of modern commemmoratives, except for the 1982 George Washington. How about the 1892 Columbus Exposition Half Dollar.


Level 6

Nice blog. Sadly, I don't feel the mint cares about our Vets or anything but profit. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.


Level 4

Ike dollars or steel cent too can be somewhat of a military coin.


Level 5

yes, but not as meaningful to a veteran


Level 5

I enjoyed your blog. Any coin with a military theme usually will catch my attention.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Great suggestion. I have a few of those coin types, and want more. Great blog,


Level 7

I enjoy all those coins. The ones done in the 1990' s. I like you put the set together. But watching and reading Rick Tamaska he said collect the MS coins because they had the lower mintage he's on his six book I believed so way back when I did as he said. He even sold them as a set. Great blog good history and great coins can't beat that. Enjoy.


Level 6

Thanks for your nice comments re my blog.


Level 6

Nice blog! These coins you mentioned would make a good exhibit, and at that much cost.

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