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08 Nov 2018

Poor but excellent

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Great trip downtown today. The tree at Macy's Walnut Room is beautiful. Lunch was beautiful, too. All you can eat buffet! My favorite waiter served me and I was in heaven. Oh yes...there was a trip to the coin shop too.
There was a 1793 Wreath cent. The grade was Poor-1. The lowest grade possible. Well worn. The head of Liberty was plain, along with the wreath, and not much else. Lettered edge. This old copper coin obviously got out into he world and did its job. How many hands did this coin pass through? What did it buy? How many years did it circulate until some collector took it in?
This coin is a wonderful type coin. It's a genuine piece of history. it's not in super-duper mint state, but it is a Wreath cent. This coin would be a good fit into a type set. It would fill one of the last holes to be filled. Just because it isn't sparkling new, does not mean it's not desirable.
This coin is special. I'd love to own it.



Level 6

I would love a day like that... I think we all would. Another great day and another great coin!


Level 7

I would enjoy a day like that. And buy the cent. Just to have. Lunch would be welcome also. Mike.

A great day indeed. Good dinner, and a good look at the infamous 1793 wreath cent. Poor is in rough shape, but if the coin looks good, and the price is right, who cares. Enjoyed this, thank you!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Buffet at Macys, a visit to a favorite coin shop, sounds like the perfect way to wile away a Fall day. I am multi-colored with envy. PS-Are you going to take a look at that Cent again? If you do, it will probably go home with you.


Level 6

Sounds like another great day!

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