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03 Mar 2017

Type set surprise

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I've always been a big fan of type collecting. Numismatists are often told to specialize in one series. But a type set has much to offer. It's a real artifact of history. A collector can learn about mintage figures, art, design, metals, and even become interested in a new series to collect.
The major stoppers in the type set--if you choose the deluxe, going back to 1793--are the small eagle half dollar and quarter. If you figure those coins are out of reach, you can still see how close you can come. There is a real feeling of accomplishment when an early type coin is acquired. You can also feel you are taking care of a piece of history.
While building a type set, I was surprised that one coin was difficult to find in the right condition. That coin was the 1873 quarter with arrows. Well-worn coins were found...some Mint State coins...but a nice Very Fine or Extremely Fine? That took some searching.
Sometimes type collecting can lead to surprises too.



Level 5

Excellent points. There will always be collector niches.


Level 4

There is so much out there to see & collect - As a collector, why be limited - while some dealers may want to specialize or focus on a particular series - But, as collectors though, there is a lot more freedom

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

at the coin club i am a part of some one brought in a type set where all the coins were in superb condition strait from the mint even the ones from the 1800s


Level 6

The search for the right coin is what makes the hobby interesting. Non collectors are amazed at the different designs.


Level 6

I have found I can get a nice 'problem" coin in a series I would normally not be able to afford. Something maybe cleaned but only a grader can tell. As long as it looks good to me and it's not an "investment" coin. EF is a favorite grade for these. Thanks!!


Level 7

They have a lot of surprises. There is a growing number of collectors today collecting coins in the grades you stated in your blog. So many times I will say it's about the coin. I also read it in the Numismatic News I believe it was Mr. Harper. I had bought a token from the civil war. Graded fine 15. I was pleased. The coin was in better shape than they said but I was still happy. Someone left a comment why would you want a coin in that grade. I ignored the comment and you know why. Thanks again. Mike

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