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23 Aug 2019

The Making of this Money Talks Presenter (Part 2: Delivery)

World's Fair of Money | coinsbygary

The first thing my wife and I did upon our arrival in Chicago for the ANA's World's Fair of Money was to find the room that in a mere 24 hours I'd give my Money Talks presentation. Room #6 was a 30-foot by 41-foot conference room with a large and elaborate chandelier in the center. Against the length of the room near the wall were two long tables separated by a podium. About fifteen feet to the right of the podium (presenter's left) was a large movie screen. In front of the podium there were roughly 75 chairs arranged in rows with a center aisle. We were both generally impressed with the room and if I thought about it I might have been a little overwhelmed. However, with lots to see and do at the World's Fair of Money it never occurred to me.

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