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21 Nov 2019

How Did I Get Here?

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Numismatics has always been an obsession with me. It’s either all in or all out. While I have been able to maintain an even keel on almost all my sets, it has not been easy as she goes with my new custom set, “The Beginning, Dependability, and End of the Spanish Peseta.”

27 Aug 2018

Garys Coins From The Vault, vol 1

Coins-United States | coinsbygary

I have been asked to post various coins from my collection. Thus, I will periodically post coins from my 7070 type set vault. This first postfeaturesmy Indian Head Cents; an AU-58 1859 laurelwreathvariety, an MS-63 1863 copper-nickel oak wreath with shield variety, and an MS-65 1903 bronze red/brown variety.

01 Jun 2015

My Collector Profile

Coins | coinsbygary

The definition of profile is to describe, write about, give an account of, portray, depict, sketch, and outline. That said, could someone easily write about, give an account of, portray, depict, sketch, or outline my collector profile based on the coins currently in my collection?

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