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20 Nov 2022

With Friends Like These

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...Who needs enemies, or so the saying goes. Recently, a fellow coin club friend who collects modern coins notified several club members and me of a new Canadian-minted coin that I was unfamiliar with. The UHR-proof coin he referred to is the stunningly beautiful 2023 Canadian Peace Dollar. This coin has selected rose-gold gilt surfaces with an obverse luster that pulsates as the coin is tilted in the light. Having already spent what I budgeted for coin purchases this year, I just had to grit my teeth and pony up for this coin. It was just too beautiful to pass up.

In jest, I told my friend at the last club meeting that it was all his fault for making me purchase this coin. His answer? "I love spending other collectors' money!" Now, he may have spent my money, but I get to keep the coin! When I finally viewed the coin in my hand, I was glad that I had bought it. Truth be told, "With friends like these, I am truly blessed and thankful." It is nice to know other collectors have my back. To show my gratefulness, I hope to reciprocate their kindness back to them.

The Royal Canadian Mint has been issuing .999 fine 1-ounce silver peace dollars yearly since 2020. A 2019 medal features the "Peace" Canadian obverse designed by Susan Taylor and a "Libertas" US reverse designed by John Mercanti. Each year the Canadian Peace Dollar has featured the same design with a different surface finish.

There are several similarities between the US Peace Dollar and the Canadian Peace Dollar. Since the mint documentation that came with my coin describes this coin better than I could, the following paragraphs are directly copied from that documentation.

In 2019 the Royal Canadian Mint made history when it brought together former engravers from both the US Mint and Royal Canadian Mint to create the Peace & Liberty Medal. The "Peace" side of this medal, which was crafted by retired Royal Canadian Mint Senior Engraver Susan Taylor, was then selected as the face of a new, legal tender Canadian Peace Dollar.

Like De Francisci, Taylor used family to help create her rendition of Liberty. In Taylor's case, her daughters Erin and Sarah modeled for the design. Erin wore up-swept hair adorned with flowers for her wedding, which served as the inspiration for the maple leaves in Peace's hair. Taylor combined both daughter's facial features to create Peace's profile.

Taylor had more to say on the inspiration for her Peace design: "Initially the [Ottawa National War Memorial] Cenotaph was the primary direction, and then the US Peace Dollar design was introduced as a reference. This reference to the US Peace dollar was very helpful, since it evoked a clear and elegant message of not only peace but also of harmony and grace. This is what I tried to portray in this Peace design. In these troubled times, we need to strive for harmony in our relationships with each other and to respond with grace and compassion."

Like the 1921 US Peace Dollar, the Canadian Peace Dollar series comes struck in high relief—Ultra High Relief, to be exact—and has featured a variety of finishing effects over the years.

The following information I gleaned from the COA.

This coin has the serial number 2178 and a total mintage of 6,000. The Latin motto over Peace (Pax) reads "From sea to sea." This coin is struck in ultra-high relief. It is 36.15mm in diameter and weighs 31.39 grams. The obverse (the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on coins has always been considered the obverse) features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II engraved by Susanna Blunt.

In closing, I have much to be thankful for, like my coin club friend, who referred me to the 2023 Canadian Peace Dollar. In fact, I am grateful to God for so much more that I can't name everything. Finally, I wish everyone who blogs here and the ANA staff a Happy Thanksgiving. Gary.



Level 6

Enjoyed your blog! This coin is a beauty indeed! I had to stop myself and think about if I should add it to my collection. It's really pretty! ; )


Level 5

Nice how we help each other to learn and collect.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Woooow! Great coin


Level 6

Enjoyed the blog. Being around fellow collectors can be costly, But it is nice to add something different to your collection.


Level 6

I also got that email. Thanks. Great blog Gary. A fine coin. I keep missing the club zoom meetings but I am still here. I checked out the coin and it is a real beauty. Just as described. Thanks.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I enjoyed this blog and the coin is very beautiful! Thank you!


Level 7

Great blog my friend. I saw this coin. I had logged into there and there it was. Just as you described it. I'm involved with an auction now so that beautiful coin is out Now you might have me spending my money. I will revisit the site. This is the second one I believe I will find out. Thanks for a great blog!!

Long Beard

Level 5

Another fine blog, Gary. Like yourself, I have a few friends that I'd not have had it not been for clubs or coin shows. One which transcends coin collecting. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your's as well!


Level 5

Nice story about coin collecting, friendship, and a beautiful coin. Only 6000 mintage is always a nice collectable. Ive become interested in a few numismatic items just by reading blogs. Canada always seems to mint beautiful coins. Might look into a peace dollar. Thanks for posting.

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