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15 Jul 2019

How to Tell Apart New (Shin) and Old (Ko) 1 Mon

| Eikyu Tsuho

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Japanese Kanei Tsuho 1 mon coins can be divided into two major categories: ko (古, in English: old) and shin (新, in English: new)

The old 1 mon coins were minted from 1636-1668 (although the some private issues were as early as 1626) and can be very difficult to identify into varieties. The new 1 mon coins were minted from 1668-1867 and have much more varied calligraphy, so they are easier to identify.

These two major varieties are distinguished by the legs of the Ho (寳) character (see the pictures above - the legs are outlined in red).

In the case of the old 1 mon, the legs meet at the far right. Additionally, the old 1 mon tend to have "thicker" characters.

With the new 1 mon, the legs usually do not meet at all (sometimes, however, they may meet in the middle, but they are still easy to tell apart from old 1 mon)



Level 5

Thanks for sharing. This is all stuff I didn't know yet.


Level 6

Great and interesting blog. Thanks for the highlights. It is helpful.

It's Mokie

Level 6

You have done an Excellent job providing us information about the Japanese Mon coins, although I will probably never collect them, any information, any historical context, is always welcome to my coin collecting heart. Of course, suddenly I have an urge to check prices on Ebay. One of each type, a Mon Type Set, seriously considering. (:

Eikyu Tsuho

Level 3

Thank you for your comment. You just might come across some of my lots while searching on eBay. Keep in mind that this post covers just the two major varieties - a type set of all of the varieties of 1 mon coins would be hundreds of coins!


Level 6

Very cool! Thanks for the information! : )

thank you for the explanation and breakdown, it is very informative


Level 7

That information is very interesting. I love the breakdown between the old money and the money up to 1867.. I don't think I will ever get to visit your country but I know it's beautiful. I didn't know about your coins till you joined. I thank you for this blog and the excellent information.

Eikyu Tsuho

Level 3

Thank you for your comment. For your information, I am actually based in Washington state; I have not (yet) been to Japan.

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