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19 Apr 2021

The Beautiful Design of Morgan And Peace Dollars

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Sorry, I didn’t have time to post my blogs but I have wrote one for you guys today. Also Happy National Coin Week! MONEY BIG AND BOLD!

Morgan dollars are known as one of the most beautiful looking coins in history. On the obverse there is a beautiful design of Anna Willess Williams. Anna Willess Williams was a kindergarten teacher who taught philosophy and George T. Morgan chose her as a model of his coin. On the reverse of the coin there is a eagle to represent freedom and bravery. The designer Charles T. morgan was actually the mint director at that time. The composition of the coin was ninety percent silver and ten percent copper. These coins were popular because of both bullion value and because it was a beautiful design. Lots of these also come with rainbow toning. Not many of these coins were proofs or in high grades. What is a Proof coin? A proof coin is a coin with a cool finish and is not released in circulation.

Morgan Dollars are made out of ninety percent silver and ten percent copper. These coins in mint state go for thousands of dollars! The 1889 CC was sold for almost a million dollars and 1893 S sold for more than five hundred dollars! There also major errors like the CC over CC and doubled dies. Morgan dollars were minted from many mints. Like Philadelphia, Carson City, New Orleans, San Francisco and Denver. And 270,232,722 silver Morgan dollars were melted! But, still many remained in a collection and rarely in circulation. The 1879 Morgan dollar, it is a rather rare date but lots of people still own them. The coin could be worth from two-hundred-fifty dollars to even thousands of dollars in mint state. There are also special 2021 Morgan Dollars minted in Philadelphia and also 1 ounce silver Morgan dollars too. Those are some facts about the Morgan dollar minted from 1879-1921

Peace dollars are made of ninety percent silver and ten percent copper. It was designed by Anthony De Francisci. Peace dollars were produced from the mints San Francisco, Denver, Philadelphia. The mint mark is located on the tip of the eagles wing. They were minted from 1921-1935. On the obverse there is Lady Liberty and on the obverse there is an eagle to represent bravery and freedom. These coins are worth twenty loads because of its bullion value and its mintage. And the 1921 and 1922 Matte Proof High Relief peace dollars can range from $100,000-$200,000! 35,401 1922 High Relief Peace dollars were melted, so that’s why they are rare. One time Denver minted 1964 Peace Dollars but then they were cancelled and melted, but there are replicas of the 1964 peace dollars.

Next week I will be writing about Eisenhower dollars and potentially Susan B. Anthony Dollars.



Level 4

Big silver dollars that have stood the test of time with collectors.


Level 5

Like them both. Nice big silver coins. Nice blog. Thanks


Level 6

Good over-all review of these coins. I prefer the Peace Dollar myself. Thanks for the research! ; )


Level 6

Well done. Nice summation of two great series. I am a huge Peace Dollar guy. I'm looking forward to you next blog. Big Ike guy too. Thanks.


Level 3

What amazes me about Pre-1900 coins like the majority of Morgans is- who even had electricity to make these? The craftsmanship and consistency was truly artistic for the beginning of the age of mechanical production. And they made millions!


Level 6

Very nice summation of two great coins. Thanks for your efforts, looking forward to you Ike and SBA thoughts.


Level 5

Your thoughts on the Susan B. Anthony dollars (;


Level 4

What are SBA thoughts?

Mr. B Coins

Level 4

Interesting as usual. Thanks for sharing, Mr B


Level 4

Yes Mike I agree that the reverse of the peace dollar doesn’t look like a chicken. But people have there own thoughts.


Level 5

Good blog! I must say, I like the new reverse of the Eagle.


Level 7

Many people agree with you. Many also disagree. I wish they had a better model. The reverse eagle doesn't look like one this is my opinion. nothing personal. It looks like a chicken. However your blog is excellant. I did enjoy it. And thank you for sharing it with us. I think it became so popular was it was the first big silver dollar. Lots of luck.

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