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20 Jul 2014

ANA Must accept Paypal

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It is VITAL that the new ANA site accept Paypal as a form of payment on all things, such as donations, renewals, purchases, etc.

I just now was testing out the ANA donation form, as I wanted to contribute $5 towards their massive digitization project.    But guess what, they don't take Paypal (at least not as far as I can tell).   Bummer, as this is the only way I want to contribute.   It protects me as the end-user, its simplifies my experience, and it helps keep all my numismatic purchases in once place.

If anyone is reading this at the ANA, Please, please make it a top priority to get Paypal functionality added to the new site BEFORE launching.

Your truly,



They should I don’t know why though.


Level 7

Pay pal is a good idea. However how much of your donation will go to the ANA. They do charge a percentage. The higher the donation the higher the percentage. Send a money order , a check a credit card would give you a statement of your donation. The bottom line is that two donations are being made. Pay pal and the ANA.


Level 5

they shiuld do that


Level 5


Ian Fenn

Level 5

I would add my agreement ..I know there is a cost to the ANA but it really would simplify payments....... My paypal account is even llinked to my bank account...so now paypal for me = cash payments rather than credit card.

Dollar Guy

Level 5

Maybe that would speed up the payments to accounts - it took almost 30 days to get my check cashed for summer seminars.


Level 4

Agree paypal is ease and safe.

Mr. Wheatie

Level 5

Yeah PayPal would be great!

Yes, PayPal for me is the best way to make donations because I'm in Brazil.


Level 3

Agreed. I sure would use it.


Level 4

I agree PayPal would be very nice and convenient, but not if it brings too much in fees on the ANA's end.

Jake Sherlock

Level 4

Thanks for the note, Matt. We'll look into it.

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