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20 Jul 2014

Very excited by the new ANA site!

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Hello All!

My first blog post on the new (still beta) ANA site!   So far I am loving the new look, how clean and modern it is.    Functionality seems high, and I look forward to bug fixes and new features in the coming months.   I am very excited!   I successfully updated my screen name, my avatar, and created a test collection, and added some photos and basic coin information.  I also updated my email subscription preferences, and basic info like cell phone numbers. All seems to work nicely.

I would like one major feature added, is possible.    I think that for TPG graded coins, both PCGS and NGC should all the ANA  API access to their certification database.   When I add an NGC coin, it should automatically pull in the date, grade, denomination, etc.    This would make their collection system much more likely to be used by ANA members.

I will keep this post short, as I am not sure if it will be wiped out when the site "goes gold" and the beta launches to the public.

Thanks for looking,




Level 5

yes, new site is great, i became member in 2015, so i didn' tknow the old site.


Level 5

Great for a first! Well done!

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