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13 Dec 2017

45 years ago today

Medals | Haney

On December 13, forty five years ago the last step taken by a man on the moon occurred. Yes that was 1972, the mission Apollo 17, and that lucky guy was Gene Cernan, and like so many of these childhood heroes he passed away on the 16th of this year at the age of 82. Of course as Numismatist we have many avenues to commemorate the Apollo missions. Some items come at a very modest entry fee like a 72 Ike Dollar, as the reverse is basically identical to the Apollo 11 mission patch. Should you want an item that has actually travel to the moon the provenance of any such numismatic item can add thousands to the price putting it as much out of the reach as the moon is to most of us. Then there is a small Franklin mint piece that gives you the opportunity to own something at the fraction of the price that may have went to the moon.

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