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19 Mar 2018

The Trip to Texas

National Money Show | HollyDay

We drove from Missouri to Irving Texas to visit the ANA hosted National Money Show there. The reason we went there was for my sister's presentation.She also did a display. I felt bad for my sister because she did not get a prize. It took eight hours to get to our hotel. And on the way there I watched Garfield. The hotel we stayed was a really good deal that my dad found. They served free breakfast and dinner. And the hotel was thirty minutes away from the coin show. When we got there I bought two things on the first day. A proof set from 1974 and a gold plated quarter. I also did the ANA trivia game and walked around asking the people at the booths for the answers to the questions. Some prizes that I got a Ronald Reagan one dollar coin in a really nice case I also got a foreign coin and a neither dollar coin. The next day I got a fake gold coin for ninety cents. And I spent six dollars and ninety cents over all. Which is 13 chores for me. I brought thirdly dollars and sixty cents to the coin show. The next day I got nothing. We went to the coin show every day and stay there two hours, then we got lunch, and then went back to the coin show .And then go to our hotel room and then every one watches TV for two hours and then dad sets a timer for thirty two minuets and when the timer went off we went to bed and almost every night we went to bed at nine O'clock.

Then it happens all over again the exact same schedule. One day we went to a place where they made money the bureau of printing and engraving 'B.E.P'. One thing I learned was that bills that are not made properly gets throw away and replaced with a note with a star on it. There where over 100 workers there. More then twenty steps that you would have to do to get one dollar bill. The food that I ate there was Mexican food except for the Chinese food I ate the last night. All the food I ate was really good. But every thing there was expensive. At the coin show two people gave free candy. People also gave free coins. Some people sold old coins some sold proof sets some sold old silverware like spaghetti forks. F\inally the last day me and my family drove home.



Level 6

The BEP has large displays at major shows, with a lot to offer & a lot to learn. Glad you saw this.


Level 6

Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip with us! Sounds like you and your family had lots of fun!. You got some great stuff too. Great blog!


Level 6

Tell your sister "Never Give Up!". Her time will come. Sounds like a very good time. You seem to have learned some good things there. Good blog!! Thanks..


Level 7

Sun gave some good advice. Sounds like you also had a great time. There is nothing like it. Glad you enjoyed it. Mike.


Level 6

Sounds like you had a good time. Tell your sister not to give up on exhibiting. The awards will come.

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