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29 Dec 2014

A Reflection of your Numismatic Year

| JordaNumismatics

Firstly I would like to start of with: I am in a different time zone in let's say New York which is 13 hours behind my country. I do not know when this will reach you but I will try to release this on the 29th, New York time.

I would like to kindly invite all ANA members too share about the progress you made in Numismatics this year. Was it your best year, your worst year or neither of those? How much have you progressed in Numismatics during the year? Lastly I am here to wish all of you a Happy New Year and to a great Numismatic year!

Yours Truly,
Jordan Teo C.J



Level 5

Good year.


Level 4

Last acquisition as I am done buying was the 2015 Singing Moon Mask set from the Canadian mint. After NGC grading they all went PF70. I have seen sets in this grade go 2000 on ebay. HAW! Nice way to step out.


Level 5

Medical issues and ensuing costs dropped my collecting ability pretty hard. So with the budget I had I picked up a few coins on the lower end of the scale.


Level 6

Thanks! It was a wonderful year! I added to my Buffalo themed coin collection, as well as my Mercury Dimes. I learned lots of stuff and added some cool books to my library. I'm really looking forward to a great 2015!


Level 6

Pretty good year, thanks for asking. Was able to increase my collections and my library. Knowledge is king in this field!


Level 4

thank you at was great years.


Level 5

Not a bad year. Not sure how I can compare to other years. I was able to add to my coin collection, my library and most importantly my knowledge. Happy new year to you too and all other members.

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