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05 Dec 2014

The Start of our Journey

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I am here to share my journey in numismatics.

I started appreciating coins when i was about 7. (14 now as of 2014) My parents have been a business owner, and when they get paid with weird coinage, they wouldn't reject them, but save them for me.Thus I had a wide array of error coins and silver foreign coins. U.S and Strait Settlement coins are what sparked me into this. At 12, I visited a lot of local dealers for more information and to sell the error coins, leaving myself with a considerable amount of money to start the hobby. Now, at 14, I have a wide array of silver coinage and now trying to start a society in Singapore to redefine numismatics in Singapore, as they perceive numismatics as an retiree hobby, but the young numismatists, including me, will change their perception of numismatics.

Jordan Teo



Level 5

I a currently 13 and I started two years ago. My collection has seen large growth thanks to my grandpa who gave me so many coins to look at!


Level 5

Hard to believe another year has gone by. How would you rate your success in the past year?


Level 5

Glad to hear that there is another YN joining the ranks! Keep up the good work!

Thank you all. You all have truly inspired me to keep going. Thanks again!


Level 5

Hi Jordan, I have many fond memories of my visit to Singapore in 1980 serving with the US Navy. I must have only been 22 years old then. My custom was to collect the circulating coinage of every country I visited. However, in Singapore I bought a Singapore 1980 proof set. Watch for a blog with pictures of my proof set soon. I think you will like it, and at 22 I may not have been a YN but I wasn't anywhere near retirement either! Keep up the good fight!


Level 5

Good luck with your endevors. We need more young numismatists like you in the hobby.

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