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23 Dec 2014

Toned or Clean? My Personal Opinion

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Before I start this off, don't get me wrong. I prefer toned coins over blast white coins (most of the time) but here are some instances when I have to consider the blast white surface over the colorful rainbow like toning of the coin.

Let's just say where you got offered both a blast white Morgan dollar over a nice natural toned Morgan dollar. I would pick the toned Morgan dollar over the "clean" white one. I feel that the toned Morgan came a long way and the toning tells the story of how it was handled or how it reacted to the environment over the past 100 +/- years.
i would not have reacted this way if I was offered an Ike dollar (400 Silver) toned in a rainbow or something ridiculous. Although verified as natural toning, I feel like it was forced into the coin, unnaturally. I would pick the blast white one.

Well I know that the Morgan dollar's toning could also be "forced" , but it feels more natural for a 100+/- year old coin to have more color than a 30+ year old coin.

As I said, this is my personal opinion and not to offend anyone out there that loves toning on all years of coins. Leave your opinion in the comments as I would like to read it.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas an Happy Holidays!

Yours Truly,



Level 5

If the toning is nice I would get that coin over a non-toned one


Level 5

I like them colorful, but not dark or distracting.


Level 5

I'm OK with light toning, but dark smoky toning, tarnishing, and black spots I hate. I also hate the polished white of a cleaned coin. I like my coins clean but not cleaned.


Level 4

I have no toned coins... but I love them!


Level 5

I really like natural golden or rainbow toning.


Level 6

I really like a golden toned Buffalo Nickel or a Mercury Dime with deep jewel tones...all natural of course : ) I have a few in my collections and in the sun they really shine!!!


Level 6

I also will almost always go for the nicely toned Morgan or Peace Dollar. Like you, it's just my personal preference. It has to be a nice one though. Something with color. Not dark all over one. Again, that's just me.


Level 5

I prefer non-toned coins. Although, there have been many toned ones I would have loved to owned as well.

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