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21 Dec 2022

**Mexico Type Set** Page 3

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Hi Numi Friends! Here is Page 3 of the Mexico Type Set that Longstrider and I put together over the past two years! This has been a great album as we both like Mexican coinage. This page consists of coins from 1910-1953. Lots of silver going on here and these coins are getting a bit more pricier... We have One Peso's, Two Peso's and Five Peso's. My favorites are the 1913 "Caballito" or "Liberty on Horseback" and the 1921 "Winged Victory".
I hope you enjoy these coins! Thanks for reading my blog and comments are always welcome!


Long Beard

Level 5

What's odd is that not five minutes before logging on, I was looking at my own near complete Ireland pre-decimal denominational run and thinking of both you and this gorgeous accomplishment. I absolutely love toned Mexican coinage! A stunning set that you guys have managed to assemble. And a very Merry Christmas to you both!

AC coin$

Level 6

How many pages?... :) just kidding!!! Excellent collection and essay as everything you post. God bless you, merry Christmas,,,!!!☆☆☆

winged victory reminds me of roman statues.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

These are really wonderful coins! Some of these I have. I agree that the liberty on horseback is a beautiful design!


Level 5

I just returned from a 16-day cruise from LA, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Acapulco in Mexico. Guatemala City in Guatemala, Panama City in Panama, Cartagena in Colombia, all before finishing our Panama Canal journey in Miami. I brought back coins like yours from Mexico, along with Panamanian and Colombian coins. I missed getting Guatemalan coins, but I already have a 1896/5 silver peso in my collection. I'll be posting pictures of my new coins soon, along with the aforementioned old coin. Your type set is a cool collection. I also find Mexican coins very attractive! Husband and wife projects like this do wonders for marriages, as I am sure this project has done for you and Longstrider! Congratulations!


Level 7

That's a wonderful set. Must of taken a while to finish. Allot of the coins are in great shape. It takes allot of commitment to do a type set like this. Like I said you stayed with it. Now you have a wonderful set. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Level 5

Very nice set. Would love to put a set like this together.


Level 6

Another great instalment. One more to go I believe.. Thanks Kepi. A lot of work went into this.


Level 4

Those are some beautiful coins you and Longstrider put together, never really got into Mexican coins, but I love looking at different coins from other Countries. You guys keep up the great work( I'm hoping to reach ya'll level before I get too old,lol) and nice blog.

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