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25 Aug 2015

My very own " Hobo "..... Nickel that is!

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I'm so happy to be able to share this special coin with everyone! My husband attended 2015 Summer Seminar session two and not only had a great time and learned alot but also met a very talented and wonderful person...Tiny : ) I'm sure some of you who went to Summer Seminar are familiar with Tiny, quite the character and really helpful when it comes to the ANA. Tiny is also an artist to say the least and to make a long story a bit shorter...My husband, John, commissioned Tiny to carve a Hobo Nickel special for me! His artwork is amazing! Having only seen pictures of Hobo Nickels, I was truly honored and so excited to have one of my very own for my collection. Thank you John and Tiny! : )



Level 2

I carve hobo nickels and they are very interesting coins. Do have any other hobo nickels? Send me a message in the middle of August and I can send you one of my carvings.


Level 7

Wonderful story. And you will not forget them for along time.


Level 5

cool design! The US Mint in Philly has quite a few of these


Level 5

Wow! Someday I would like to do that.


Level 4

That is so awesome. I love Hobo Nickels . The art is incredible. You are such a lucky person.


Level 4

This are cool pieces to have, wish this seminars were closer to me!


Level 5

Wow! That is a specimen for sure!!!



Level 5

Tiny is awesome. Awesome story Kepi-I'm sure you will remember it for a long time.


Level 5

Great story and a wonderful way to make memories that will last.


Level 6

That's a beautiful coin and a great story. I happen to have bet Tiny and I couldn't agree with you more. He is a great person and a hugely talented artist. His work is even at The Smithsonian!! Thanks!

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