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30 Jun 2020

**Where have all the Coins Gone?**

Coins | Kepi

Hi everyone! I ran across this flyer today and wanted to share it with my fellow "Numi's". It seems there's a bulk coin shortage out there in the land of plenty. With the Mints being closed for business while the virus is still running its course, coins are becoming hard to get in bulk, especially for businesses as you can see with this flyer! Like an old fashioned "Wanted" poster... ; ) Got Coins???

03 May 2018

**Quarter Roll Searching**

Coins-United States | Kepi

The other day I had some banking to do and as I was finishing up a thought came to me outta the blue... Lets get some rolled coins to look through! My teller said she had $100 in rolled quarters that a little old lady brought in yesterday. Needless to say I brought them home with me. After all, the previous owner surely didn't take the time to go through them looking for silver. I just knew I was about to hit the mother-lode! Well after stretching this roll searching into two days... I found nothing except $100 in everyday, ordinary quarters. Hmmm... I'll have to re-think this. That little old lady must have pulled out all the silver! ; ) haha I guess better luck next time Kepi. Hope you enjoyed my silly blog, one we can all relate to I'm sure. Comments are welcomed!

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