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28 Aug 2022

**Bucking Bronco**

Coins-United States | Kepi

Hey fellow Numi's good morning to all, I am in the middle of celebrating an amazing Birthday week... yes, we here at the Desert Compound celebrate a full week of our birth! haha Cool right! I originally saw this 2021 medal when it came out in gold with an inflated price to go with it. I loved the design but couldn't justify $2,600+ for this raw coin. With that being said and to my great surprise the Mint came out with this same design in silver for 2022! Now some coin facts... This is a 2022 American Liberty Silver Proof Medal. Minted in Philadelphia with an mintage of 75,000. 1 troy oz. of silver and a diameter of 40.60 mm. All packed neat and tidy in original Mint boxes! The obverse shows a wild American Mustang bucking off a western style saddle, evoking the throwing off the yoke of British rule during the American Revolution. The rising sun is shown beneath the horse with "LIBERTY" and "2022". Now remember, I just loved this "Western Americana Wild" design...but honestly I would have never guessed the designs true representation without it being explained... I just thought "Cool"! haha Just my opinion... The reverse shows a close up of an amazing eagle! "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" beneath it. I hope you enjoyed my blog and have a wonderful day! Comments are always welcome.

24 Nov 2021

"Sometimes Letter Writing Does Work!"

Exonumia | Kepi

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share this letter I received from my Congressman, Jay Obernolte, 8th District, California. Back on August 19th, I.R. Bama wrote a blog about writing to our Congressmen and Representatives in the government about the U.S.Mint and the ongoing problems with availability on new-releases...etc... Anyway I thought what the heck and took the time to write to my Representative. I wanted I'd share his letter and thoughts with you guys here on this blog. Comments are always welcome!Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! ; )

25 Jun 2018

**Beautiful In Bronze**

Exonumia | Kepi

I want to share with everyone today a beautiful Medal that I found and purchased as a gift for my Stepdad who was in the Coast Guard. It's a "U.S. Coast Guard Bicentennial Bronze Medal". It's very heavy, fits great in the palm of your hand and measures 3 inches across. Made of bronze and minted at the Philadelphia Mint...although there is no mint mark on the Medal itself. I think the details are so clear and dramatic! The obverse was inspired by a painting named "To the Rescue" by Anton Otto Fischer. It depicts a 19th century Coast Guard rescue boat battling a storm at sea while trying to aid a disabled vessel. Now this is a cool fact... Mr. Fischer, who was also Lieutenant Commander Fischer painted this while on active duty in the Coast Guard Reserve! "Guardians Of The Sea" is inscribed on a flowing banner at the top and "200 Years Of Service" are at the bottom. The reverse is the official Coast Guard seal, the shield of the Coat of Arms of the United States, the motto "Semper Paratus," or "always ready," and "United States Coast Guard 1790" superimposed on two crossed anchors. This fit in a beautiful velvet case (purchased separately). Perfect for presentation and my Stepdad loved it! Thanks for reading my blog! Comments are always welcome.

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