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15 Sep 2017


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Here I have an example of my favorite silver dollars. a 1923-S Peace Dollar. This example happens to be graded AU-58. I find a nice AU generally has a better eye appeal than many MS 60-62's. Personal preference. It's hard to see in my photos but this example has nice luster and cartwheel left in it. It is also a Vam 1C. It is a bit harder to see with the naked eye than some of my examples but that means it has a pitted reverse under and above the "N" in one. It is believe this was caused by using rusted dies. Often the dies were used well past their projected life span. There are also some lesser attributes but I leave it up to the reader to research them. I also like the giant thumb print on the obverse. This coin was used as money. Not only touched with gloved hands. Imagine what it could have bought..Anyway I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your comments. Thanks for looking!
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Level 4

Yay!!! Now I know what VAM means, thanks!!! :) Hee-hee. :)


Level 6

Beautiful Peace Dollar! I agree, the AU grades can be much more interesting than many MS grades. Nice addition for your collection!


Level 6

Very nice coin. It did the job it was made to do. Peace $1 in AU are lovely. Good pics.


Level 6

I agree AU 58 can just as pleasing or more than a low MS.


Level 7

I like it . All that gives it an interesting effect . Like the W in God we trust. And the D. I can see that . Can't see the part with the N. But there is alot going on. Good pick up. I like the cartwheel effects on the Peace Dollars and Morgan's. Good blog and thanks for the pictures. Mike

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