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19 Apr 2018


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Today I would like to show a coin I was given just for fun. Below is my 2018 Fiji Mermaid Rising.  It represents Fiji's legend of a mermaid. It seems every country has one. This one is believed to have started when a sailor in the 1800's came across what he thought was a mermaid washed up dead on the beach. It was later purchased by P.T. Barnum and exhibited in P.T. Barnum's American Museum in New York until 1842 when it was destroyed in one of his many fires. To me, this coin is an excellent example of modern abstract art. The Mermaid is rising up out of a beautifully sculpted ocean. She is eerily floating up out of the depths with her long hair spread out above her. The ocean is shown in a very unique way. It actually looks like the waves are undulating on the hard silver coin. This is all on the reverse of the coin. The mermaid is in a proof finish with the lettering "Mermaid Rising" and "1 OZ. .999 SILVER" engraved around the outer edge. The obverse is engraved with the Fiji Crest and the denomination of "1 DOLLAR" along the bottom and "FIJI . 2018" above. It is surrounded by a small triangle pattern. This coin is manufactured for Fiji by Scottsdale Mint. It is legal tender in Fiji. It has a limited mintage of 15,000 coins. This one troy ounce of pure .999 silver is 3.20 mm thick and has a diameter of 38.60 mm.. It is my hope you enjoyed this blog and the photos below. Please feel free to comment. Thanks for your time.



Level 6

Attractive coin with a fun story. Don't hear much abt Fiji coins.


Level 6

I really like this abstract design! And I enjoyed the story about the mermaid...very cool! You did get a fun gift! Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Interesting coin. It is amazing how many different 1 oz silver coins are struck. It was nice to receive the coin for fun.


Level 7

I have seen the Coca Cola bottle top one but not this one. It's simple plain and very nice. Sometimes I find the simplicity brings out the beauty. Like this one does. Good history since I have never seen one before all adds up I like that. Thanks enjoy it. Mike


Level 5

That's a pretty unique design. Fiji has a number of innovative designs in recent years. I have one that looks like a Coca-Cola bottle cap. Your must be pretty thick since it is an ounce but only 38.6 mm in diameter.

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