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25 Nov 2014

Silver Coin Roll Hunting

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So, I like to search bank rolls of coins. I used to search dime and quarter rolls for pre 1965 silver coins. I had almost no luck. I finally gave up the silver search and switched to cents. I've had pretty good luck finding Wheaties and various varieties and error Lincoln Cents. I also have found many non cent items such as Canadian, British and Arab coins. Also quite a few old nasty US dimes. I often wondered why almost no silver coins turned up in the rolls.

Now my mystery has been solved. A friend that works at a major bank in town informed me that their coin supplier, I believe it was Loomis or Garda, has some way of removing the silver coins while counting and rolling. That just seems wrong. Has anybody else heard this?


Pliny The Elder

Level 5

That's a sneaky thing to do!! !!! Who would have thunk it.


Level 7

The only silver I remember finding was in a piggy bank. I'm going through a brick of pennies. I got the same wheats Canadian and a DD and a couple of varieties and some nasty cents. Looks like fungus growing on them. I was going to save them and send them to be checked. This stuff is white blue green and it's growing of the coin no kidding. Great blog thanks my friend. I'm not talking about regular junk on coins since they started using zink that's were I find most of them.


Level 5

that is a bummer!


Level 4

I have to agree with Mr. Wheatie.

Mr. Wheatie

Level 5

That sucks for people like us


Level 5

My Silver Coin Roll Hunting is searching for War Nickels!


Level 5

When it comes to searching dimes for silver, I don't like using bank-wrapped rolls, because silver is often filtered out. I found two Roosevelt dimes, and they were customer-wrapped. Pennies are enjoyable because each box has an average of 15-30 collectibles per box, the majority being 40's and 50's wheat cents.


Level 4

Roll hunting takes persistence. Keep at it and stuff will turn up ... it may not always be silver, but you'll find more cool odds and ends. The joy is in the hunt!


Level 5

I have heard coinstar machines will reject silver coins. So if the people doing the rolling use something similar, then it would locate the silver coins. To me, the biggest thing prevening you finding silver is people have been pulling them out for almost 50 years now.


Level 6

Yeah, that's a big part of it too. They probably just go by weight. However, in my experience, people start cashing in their jars of coins during the hollidays. There is always hope!


Level 6

I'm always looking for pre 1965 silver coins, especially since I work in retail and have access to lots of coins. I must say they are far and few between. That's crazy about Loomis and Garda removing the silver coins!

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