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19 Mar 2017


Coins-World | Longstrider

Below I have a great 2010 Mexican commemorative silver coin. It is eighth in the series that roughly translates as "the money history of Latin America." This coin is dated 2010 but was not released until 2011. Minted in the famous mint at Mexico City, it is released by the Banco de Mexico. The obverse has the Mexican Coat of Arms completely encircled by the coat of arms of Argentina, Cuba, Spain, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru and Portugal.The reverse depicts both the obverse and reverse of the famous 1910 Caballito coin superimposed over an antique map of the world know as the "Carta Marina Nuova Tavala". This map is famous partly for being one of the earliest maps showing California's peninsula. The web of lines are the famous sea ports of Mexico and Latin America.

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