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17 Apr 2017


Coins-World | Longstrider

Here is my new example of a 1913 UN PESO CABALLITO! Also known as "The Little Horse Peso" or "Liberty on Horseback". If you enjoy Mexican coins you have probably heard of this one. A little on it's history. The coin was struck from 1910-1914. It commemorates Mexico's 100th Anniversary in its War for Independence from Spain! The coin weighs 27.07 g and has a diameter of 39 mm of .903 silver. The Caballito was designed by the world famous French medalist, sculptor and coin designer Charles Pillet. The Lady Liberty is riding her horse, side saddle, while holding up the torch of Freedom in front of a rising sun on the reverse. The obverse features the Mexican Eagle perched on a cactus with the snake in its' beak. The edge of the coin is incused with lettering that reads INDEPENDENCEIA Y LIBERTAD.

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